OS Support for Tamil

Operating system GNU/Linux Debian/Ubuntu RedHat Linux Open Suse XP Vista Apple Mac
Rendering Done Done Done Done Done ---
Input methods Done * Done * Done * Done  Done ** ---
Fonts – Level 1 Done Done Done Done Done ---
Fonts – Level 2 Partial --- --- --- --- ---
Fonts – Level 3 --- --- --- --- --- ---
Menus Partial Partial --- --- --- ---

* The renganathan keyboard input is under development.  All other input methods are supported. 

** Important guidlines with regard to keyboard input and 'type sequence checking' are explained below in the documentation (available for download) in the Windows XP and Windows Vista sections.

 Ubuntu, Debian and other GNU/Linux based systems


  1. Goto 'System->Adiministration->Language Support'
  2. Click on 'Tamil'.
  3. Click OK

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 - RHEL 5

RHEL 5 comes with full Tamil Unicode support.

The RedHat installer also comes with Tamil support

The interfaces (menus etc) have also been partly translated to Tamil and is work in progress.

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Microsoft Windows XP

Support for Tamil Unicode is provide in the combined Sinhala Tamil Unicode installer available for download at:


The documentation is available at :


The interfacecs (menus etc) of windows XP have not been translated.

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Microsoft Windows Vista

Vista has Tamil Unicode support displaying tamil unicode characters and for keyboard input. 

The interfaces in Vista have not yet been translated.

The Tamil Unicode Pack for Vista can be downloaded at:


Installation documentation can be downloaded at:



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Apple Macintosh

Tamil Unicode is supported.

A howto is available at:

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