Use of Sinhala Unicode in Government

Government Organizations have been using Sinhala for their computing needs almost for two
decades. In order to meet the need of government organizations, a number of Sinhala computing fonts and applications came to the market. However due to the diverse technologies and different encoding systems used in these products, government organizations could not exchange the documents or provide information in Sinhala through websites. Also the pricing of commercial Sinhala software which
have gone up also became an issue. Therefore it became necessary for the government to have a common Sinhala software with one encoding methodology which could also available free of charge.

ICTA concluded the work started by CINTEC for approving and standardizing Sinhala Unicode in
2005. It also developed a Sinhala Kit for Windows XP in 2006. Therefore the Secretary to the H.E. President issued a circular on 2007-03-04 insisting that all government organizations should use Sinhala Unicode for their Sinhala computing needs.

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In order to clarify further how the software could be obtained the Chairman of ICTA issued a another letter’

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to view the circular

Those two communications informed the government organizations to use the Sinhala Kit produced by ICTA (with the assistance of Microsoft, Microimage, UCSC and ANCL). However this limited the use of Sinhala Unicode commercial products which are providing more added values to the users.  Also the use of commercial Sinhala Unicode software became essential for some organizations that had legacy documents written by using commercial software. Therefore on 2007-08-15 the Chairman of ICTA issued another letter informing that government organizations could also use commercial Sinhala Unicode products which are complied with SLAS 1134.

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to view the circular

In order to encourage the commercial software producers to get their Sinhala Unicode software certified for SLAS 1134 standards, ICTA published a newspaper advertisement informing that the ICTA would reimburse the cost of certification.

ICTA provides the Sinhala Kit in CDs to government organizations. Please  click here to download the Sinhala Kit.


When government organizations find it difficult to install Sinhala Kit, ICTA sends a technical officer to install Sinhala Unicode in computers of government organizations. You can call Mahesh on 011-2369099 or 011-2369100 ext 313 to Mahesh for resolving Sinhala Unicode installation issues.

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