Sinhala Unicode Support in Web Browsers

Internet Explorer 6

Once the Sinhala Kit is installed IE 6 displays Sinhala Unicode properly.

The simplified installer for Sinhala/Tamil Unicde can be downloaded from here. (15Mb)

The installation instructions can be downloaded from here.

To install Sinhala support for Internet Explorer 6 only:

IE6 Sinhala support can be installed by downloading a small kit that is only 1.5MB .
This gives read only Sinhala support.

It can be downloaded from here.
Installation guidelines are available here.

Internet Explorer 7

If you are using IE 7 on Windows XP, once the Sinhala Kit is installed IE 7 displays Sinhala Unicode properly.

If you are using IE 7 on Windows Vista you do not need any extra software.

Mozilla Firefox

All GNU Linux based web browsers including Mozilla Firefox provide Sinhala Unicode support.

You may obtain all assistance/information/software from the link below.


You can obtain software required for Mozilla Firefox from the link below


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