Tamil ICTA Keyboard

Benefits of the new ICTA Tamil Keyboard layout

·         Based on the Renganathan layout

o        The new Tamil layout is based on the Renganathan / Bamini layout, which is widely used in

Sri Lanka


·         Uniformity implemented

o        டி, டீ been removed, it will be generated like other similar letters such as கி,கீ,சி,சீ..

o        All pure Tamil consonants (18) can be typed without using SHIFT key (ழ, ஞ also now can be typed using without SHIFT key)

o        All Grantha letters are placed in QWERT row with SHIFT key combination in the order of next to each other (ஸ,ஷ,ஜ,ஹ,க்ஷ, and ஸ்ரீ)

o        The Tamil numerals and Tamil symbols are placed with right


key combination

·         The உ, ஊ modifier been implemented

o        The scatted letters have been removed from the layout (கு, கூ, மு மூ.....)

·         All possible Tamil characters / symbols are implemented.

o        All Tamil letters, Grantha letters used in Tamil, Tamil numerals, and Tamil Symbols are implemented.

·         Symbols like comma, full-stop, ‘,”,?,/,<,> are left in the same keys like English layout.

·         Most of the characters can be formed without using the SHIFT keys

o        Exceptions, ஈ,ஊ,ஏ modifiers and Grantha letters

·         Unicode implemented

o        The output will be Unicode

o        Driver will be able to handle mistyped errors (such as ி cannot typed followed by a vowels)

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