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Local Languages portal cordially welcomes all of you who visit this portal to understand and be familiar with Sinhala and Tamil Unicode. 

This site offers you the information on how Sinhala and Tamil Unicode can be used in your computer and the software that you need to do so. This is a significant step in attempt to provide the benefits of the rapid advancements of the information technologies to the Sri Lankans who speak native languages.

Sri Lanka adopts the Unicode which is the globally accepted encoding system to use local languages in computers. This portal brings an enormous amount of information and resources which assist in computing in various platforms. You are mostly welcome to use the resources provided by this site for your local computing needs and we appreciate your feedback. We also kindly request you to join the Sri Lankan Unicode Community and the Sinhala Unicode Group which supports the developments in relation to the Sinhala and Tamil Unicode.


 Local Language portal also warmly welcomes the members of Sri Lankan Unicode Community.

The Sri Lankan Unicode Community has immensely contributed to the success of Sinhala and Tamil Unicode. Its future too depends on the commitments of the community. The work that should be completed in order to achieve the final objective of this exercise which is to use the computer and Information technologies as tools for upbringing the life
standards of Sri Lankans in general is enormous. There are many areas that we can improve by working together. We warmly invite you to join us in those efforts.  This portal is dedicated to such glorious efforts.


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